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Most any parent will tell you that fine furnishings and small children don’t mix. But that’s not necessarily true. Maybe we need to start rethinking what fine furnishings can be. That hands-off, entertaining, living room can quickly become kid-friendly with one smart swap.
Consider abandoning the glass coffee table for an oversized ottoman that can also double as a couch/table! Added play space with no sharp edges!! The oversized ottoman is a simple piece that can transform a room into a stylish, inviting AND safe environment. With the endless textile options at Calico Corners, you are sure to find a look that makes your center square a chic focal point of your living space.  A few years go by and you need a change? Simply reupholster your center square! A new pattern, some custom throw pillows and a few coordinating decor pieces can update the entire room and take you through the youth years before you re-introduce more adult furnishings. So go for an oversized ottoman as your center square – it’s a parent’s best move!