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A new year, a new you and a new home, and all without a general contractor. Some simple decisions about furniture upholstery, slipcovers, cushions, bedding and window treatments can give your home a whole new look.

Think changing your upholstery is a giant job. You will be pleasantly surprised how easy it is to refresh with reupholstery. And there are many ways to update your décor without breaking the budget. Giving a new look to an old piece of your own or a vintage piece you just discovered is affordable and will make your room feel brand new.

Time change. These aren’t your grandmother’s slipcovers anymore. They are among the best ways to refresh a room feeling tired and stale. Slipcovers protect your furniture while updating the look of an area. Whether you’re into a calming vibe with a neutral palate or something exotic that pops, slipcovers provide endless possibilities without requiring a big budget.

While you are planning to change the exterior of a sofa, chair or ottoman, don’t forget to consider what’s on the inside. Saggy cushions can temper all of the other improvements you may have already made to a room. This is definitely a case where a quick fix is not the way to go. Don’t just stuff in more batting, you’ll just end up with lumpy and bumpy cushions. Having them professionally dacron wrapped will give you the results you are looking for with your home refresh.

Make your bed every day. Good advice, but something we may not be motivated to do when dealing with the same old bedding and pillows. Get inspired with a bedroom reboot that doesn’t require new furniture, paint or fixtures. New bedding can help you transform your tired bedroom into something resembling a luxurious suite in a five-star hotel. Start with high-thread-count linens and wonderfully-soft duvets in classic colors with subtle, elegant patterns. To add some color, select fun pillows in a complementary hue that will tie together the neutral color of your sheets with whatever you choose for a duvet or coverlet.

Window treatments and top treatments can make a room. Blinds, drapes and shades make a statement without requiring a major investment. Of course, top treatments treat the top of your window, and add that finishing touch you are looking for. They are much more than just window treatments, they are enhancements to your room. Soft valances and swags can completely define and enhance your space. And because you can get them in any color, any fabric or texture, the opportunities to refresh your room by updating your windows are endless.

Fashionable fabric updates, a new outlook on your windows or turning your bedroom into a 5-star suite – no matter your goal, Calico’s December sale has you covered. Give yourself the gift of a home refresh this holiday season because a Happy New Year starts with December discounts. Visit us in-store or online to see how you can save!