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Furniture should last a lifetime. We know it’s a common myth that quality furniture isn’t affordable furniture—or that affordable furniture will require you to assemble it yourself with a full toolbox and a manual written in hieroglyphs. But we’re here to bust that myth.

Constructed by skilled craftsmen based in America, Calico’s furniture is luxurious and built to last. It’s created to order, just for you—with custom options that will ensure your room has as much unique style as your signature. With 1,000+ furniture designs to get started, there’s a wide range of pricing options that will allow you to work within your budget.

There are also certain intangible qualities that come with having the perfect furniture in your home, like the pride of passing cherished pieces down through generations. That’s why all of our items come with a Lifetime Guarantee. When you move or redecorate, we’re here to help you restyle those investment pieces to make the most of their longevity. And we’re also happy to reupholster your existing furniture to live in harmony with your newest addition from Calico.

Ask us how we can help bring your look-book to life at a price you’re sure to love.


It’s custom, it’s affordable, it’s sustainable, it’s long-lasting,
and it’s made right here in America. Plus, you won’t even need to lift a screw!