Celebrating 70 years! Great taste never goes out of style!

What a dull, bland place our home would have been over the years without Calico Corners! From the orange curtains I made in 1971 for our first apartment (Calico Corners, Livingston, NJ)  to the fabulous tropical reinterpretation of our sofa and loveseat recently ( Calico Corners, Vero Beach, FL), Calico Corners has consistently offered exceptional fabrics in the latest designs.

But the material is just the beginning. Bolts and bolts can be confusing without someone to guide you through them.  My guide, Shirley Dunegan, combines design experience, in-depth product knowledge and great taste – along with humor!   My initial material choice turned out to be incompatible with my daily use. Shirley steered me from an expensive mistake, and after many false starts, suggested this fabulous, not-to-be-forgotten hibiscus damask.  A perfect choice – sophisticated, fun, and fabulous!  I even used some of the material to remake the room’s cornice.

Mine is a Calico Corners family. My mother’s 1960 curtain material came from Calico, as did the sofa material. Then there’s my wing chair, the host and hostess chair slipcovers, and my coral jewel box powder room — need I go on? The only place I’m going is to Calico Corners!