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Summertime means family, fun, long days and warm nights. And in the fall, cool color becomes the consideration, especially in fashion, design and home decor.

With summer picnics, pool parties and family vacations almost in the rear-view mirror, cooler weather is fast approaching. Now is the time to start thinking about updating your home to make way for the change of season. Preparing your home for the Autumnal Equinox means a transition from light and bright to the cooling deep colors of fall.

Back to school, fall football and the approach of the holiday season sees a shift from a vibrant vibe of rich patterns and pastels to a deeper palette in interior hues and furnishings. The regal-ness of the fall pallet includes purples, burgundy and emerald green as well as the more traditional seasonal colors of burnt orange and shades of brown. Neutral interiors have grown in popularity as well, with violet, navy and dark gray all base colors in 2018.

While dark colors can sometimes feel sullen, navy is a sure color that will provide a foundation for any interior design project. Navy elicits a relaxed response, making it one of the easiest colors to add to a home and it works with virtually every style.

To leverage this trend, start with window treatments, rugs and paint, then find your stride with accessories and linens. Furniture will also make a turn to the dark side in 2018. Trending away from lighter woods that have carried the last few years, this year find darker wood tones offset by accents of vibrant colors and textures.