Cornices & Valances

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Cornices & Valances

Sometimes it’s appropriate to flaunt a short skirt. That’s certainly the case when you choose to dress your window in a cornice or valance instead of going with a full curtain or drape.

Valances are the short flounces of fabric that run along the top of your window and can be ruffled, pleated or straight. They can be hung by themselves or in addition to your vertical window treatments. Calico offers a large selection of fabrics, colors, textures, and patterns from which to create the perfect valance to add some flair to any room. One benefit of having a custom valance created for your home is knowing that it’s going to fit the window perfectly. If you’ve ever tried to hang a standard valance on a not-so-standard window frame, you’ll know exactly what a relief it is to count on custom measurements. Calico not only creates your perfect fit, but we’ll also help install it. We repeat: Put away the stepladder.

For a little more architectural interest, you can step it up and choose a cornice instead. Cornices have a boxy support structure underneath the fabric to create an extra frame around the window. This can add visual appeal to a room by using breadth and depth to balance height. Cornices aren’t right for every window, and they usually need a bit of breathing room with long walls and tall ceilings; you don’t want a boxy window frame to make your room look smaller. However, cornices are a beautiful solution to smooth, square rooms that need a little something extra.

Not sure whether valances or cornices are right for your room? Don’t hesitate to ask a Calico consultant.