Refresh, Not Remodel

A new year, a new you and a new home, and all without a general contractor. Some simple decisions about furniture upholstery, slipcovers, cushions, bedding and window treatments can give your home a whole new look.

Think changing your upholstery is a giant job. You will be pleasantly surprised how easy it is to refresh with reupholstery. And there are many ways to update your décor without breaking the budget. Giving a new look to an old piece of your own or a vintage piece you just discovered is affordable and will make your room feel brand new.

furniture upholstery

Time change. These aren’t your grandmother’s slipcovers anymore. They are among the best ways to refresh a room feeling tired and stale. Slipcovers protect your furniture while updating the look of an area. Whether you’re into a calming vibe with a neutral palate or something exotic that pops, slipcovers provide endless possibilities without requiring a big budget.

While you are planning to change the exterior of a sofa, chair or ottoman, don’t forget to consider what’s on the inside. Saggy cushions can temper all of the other improvements you may have already made to a room. This is definitely a case where a quick fix is not the way to go. Don’t just stuff in more batting, you’ll just end up with lumpy and bumpy cushions. Having them professionally dacron wrapped will give you the results you are looking for with your home refresh.

furniture upholstery

Make your bed every day. Good advice, but something we may not be motivated to do when dealing with the same old bedding and pillows. Get inspired with a bedroom reboot that doesn’t require new furniture, paint or fixtures. New bedding can help you transform your tired bedroom into something resembling a luxurious suite in a five-star hotel. Start with high-thread-count linens and wonderfully-soft duvets in classic colors with subtle, elegant patterns. To add some color, select fun pillows in a complementary hue that will tie together the neutral color of your sheets with whatever you choose for a duvet or coverlet.

furniture upholstery

Window treatments and top treatments can make a room. Blinds, drapes and shades make a statement without requiring a major investment. Of course, top treatments treat the top of your window, and add that finishing touch you are looking for. They are much more than just window treatments, they are enhancements to your room. Soft valances and swags can completely define and enhance your space. And because you can get them in any color, any fabric or texture, the opportunities to refresh your room by updating your windows are endless.

furniture upholstery

Fashionable fabric updates, a new outlook on your windows or turning your bedroom into a 5-star suite – no matter your goal, Calico’s December sale has you covered. Give yourself the gift of a home refresh this holiday season because a Happy New Year starts with December discounts. Visit us in-store or online to see how you can save!


Easy and Affordable Holiday Home Updates 

Easy and Affordable Holiday Home Updates 

Easy and Affordable Holiday Home Updates

Before Santa hurries down your chimney this year, make sure your holiday home is ready for the man in the red suit with simple and stylish updates. Fabric is fabulous, and the perfect way to perk up your home if it’s lacking the ‘fest’ in festive. And what’s wonderful about boosting your home’s holiday heart with fabric is the myriad of patterns, textures and styles. 

Fabric is effortless, affordable and highly customizable. Use it to enhance almost any space in your home. From small updates such as napkins and coasters, to grander statements like window and wall treatments.

So much of holiday celebrations revolve around family and food. From novel napkins to matching table runners – bring the joy of the season to the table.

Bold patterns and colors can also breathe new life into tired walls and lampshades. Large swaths of fabric can replace the glass in picture frames to provide vibrant texture for your walls. Cover several artist’s canvases or corkboards in your favorite fabric, then line them up above the head of your bed for a whole different take on the headboard. Lampshades make the perfect candidate for a splash of color from a swath of spirited fabric. Wrapping shades in the right fabric will allow your light to set the mood and bring a sparkle of holiday cheer.

Your home’s look and feel can change with the seasons. Just like adding a few trendy new pieces to your wardrobe, updating décor can be simple and inexpensive when you consider all you can do with a few different fabrics.

Fall Trends

Fall Trends

Fall Trends

Summertime means family, fun, long days and warm nights. And in the fall, cool color becomes the consideration, especially in fashion, design and home decor.

With summer picnics, pool parties and family vacations almost in the rear-view mirror, cooler weather is fast approaching. Now is the time to start thinking about updating your home to make way for the change of season. Preparing your home for the Autumnal Equinox means a transition from light and bright to the cooling deep colors of fall.

Fall Trends

Back to school, fall football and the approach of the holiday season sees a shift from a vibrant vibe of rich patterns and pastels to a deeper palette in interior hues and furnishings. The regal-ness of the fall pallet includes purples, burgundy and emerald green as well as the more traditional seasonal colors of burnt orange and shades of brown. Neutral interiors have grown in popularity as well, with violet, navy and dark gray all base colors in 2018.

Fall Trends

While dark colors can sometimes feel sullen, navy is a sure color that will provide a foundation for any interior design project. Navy elicits a relaxed response, making it one of the easiest colors to add to a home and it works with virtually every style.

Fall Trends

To leverage this trend, start with window treatments, rugs and paint, then find your stride with accessories and linens. Furniture will also make a turn to the dark side in 2018. Trending away from lighter woods that have carried the last few years, this year find darker wood tones offset by accents of vibrant colors and textures.


Why Reupholster?

Why Reupholster?

Why Reupholster

You’ve heard the saying ‘they don’t make it like they used to.’ Well it’s true, but just because an heirloom has stood the test of time doesn’t mean it has the style you want on display in your home.

The truth is, the majority of Americans buy for looks or because something is trendy. Perhaps that’s why so many settle for inferior quality and end up with disposable furniture. However, by refreshing rather than discarding, you can enjoy the best of both worlds — forever pieces with relevant designs to match the way you live. But how do you know when your furniture is worth saving? Here are 5 reasons to reupholster:

You love it — Whether it belonged to your grandmother or is a vintage design you rescued from an estate sale, the best reason to refresh is because it’s something you adore.

The styles have changed — You may love the design but hate the outdated fabric. A good upholsterer can update a piece by lengthening a skirt, removing the tufting or plumping the cushions. With thousands of textiles to choose from, Calico Corners lets you pair antique quality with modern design.

It costs less than something new — While reupholstery isn’t inexpensive, it can be less costly than buying new. Knowing you’ll be getting quality construction that lasts makes the decision easy.

Sentimental reasonsMaybe it’s something you inherited from your favorite aunt or the couch you once sat on with your dad. Whatever your reasons for loving a piece, there’s value in bringing it back to life. With Calico Corner’s range of designer fabrics and trimmings, you can easily turn a sentimental favorite into a bold fashion statement.

You’re concerned about the environment — Saving outdated furniture that would otherwise be discarded cuts down on waste and makes for a greener environment.

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5 Tips for Terrific Window Treatments

5 Tips for Terrific Window Treatments

5 Tips for Terrific Window Treatments

When decorating your home, begin by dressing your windows and the rest of the design will follow. More often than not, windows are an afterthought when they should be the foundation of a room. Beautiful, polished treatments can ground a design by acting as a neutral or inject a pop of color for visual interest, soften harsh sunlight or even frame your view of the world.

Custom-looking window treatments from Calico Corners are both fabulous and functional. When you choose our premium window fashions from Hunter Douglas, you can also save energy, absorb sound and unify your space…while creating a style that’s all your own. Here are five things to know about window treatments.

Light Matters

If you want a window treatment that allows for natural light and adjusts to see the outside, yet still offers privacy, blinds are your best option.

Hunter Douglas Silhouette® Translucent Window Shading

However, to keep out light, opt for a blackout shade. These shades are ideal for those who work non-traditional hours, want a dark place for a sleeping baby or in a media room.

Hunter Douglas Silhouette® A Deux™ Room Darkening Window Shadings

Hunter Douglas Pirouette® PowerView® Motorization Room Darkening Window Shadings


Little Lessons

Hunter Douglas EverWood® Distinctions™

Window cords can be a strangulation hazard for small children so look for cordless shades that operate by pushing and pulling on the bottom rail instead. Or, get blinds with an innovative twist like an operating system or remote control that allows your window treatments to automatically adjust themselves.


Energy Savers

Hunter Douglas Duette® Architella

Hunter Douglas Duette® Architella®
Comparison of the energy emission on a window with and without the Hunter Douglas Duette® Architella® blinds.

Since a quarter of a home’s energy escapes through windows and doors, using shutters, cellular shades and wood blinds improves efficiency and saves money.


Inject Color and Pattern

Hunter Douglas Vignette

Hunter Douglas Vignette® Flat Fold, Rolling Style, Duolite™ – Color: Kyanite

After you’ve considered how your windows should function, it’s time for flair. Bold designs and unexpected hues are a great way to establish your design aesthetic and provide inspiration. Texture, contrast and shape are also important in creating that one-of-a-kind look.


Top It Off

Custom Valance by Calico Corners

Top treatments are the final finish for any window design. From valances to cornices, swags to scarves, these custom treatments soften the look of your room and provide architectural interest to your home. They can even help hide hardware or trick the eye into making the window look a bit larger. Complete the design by adding trim and hardware for a custom look that reflects your own unique sensibilities.

Calico Corners offers in-store and in-home consultations to help you make the most of your window designs.

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5 Reasons for Custom Furniture

5 Reasons for Custom Furniture

5 Reasons for Custom Furniture

Just like the design of a couture outfit, a piece of furniture is elevated by the choice of, and attention, to detail.

When you select custom-designed pieces over something from the warehouse of a big-box store you transform a room beyond a functional living space into a work of art. Our talented design consultants will work along with you to determine what is best for your space and style. That is the difference you will experience when you choose Calico Corners. Here are five reasons to consider custom furniture:

It’s One of a Kind — You’ve put a lot of thought into decorating your home so why fill it with furniture you find in every other house? Specially made designs let you select the look, detailing and fabrics that make your pieces truly memorable.

custom furniture

The Fit is Right — You know tailor-made pieces will fit perfectly into your space and they can also be an ideal fit for your family with ergonomic designs and fabrics that stand up to the way you live. Most importantly, you can finally design those “three-hour chairs” that make dinner parties as comfortable as they are fashionable.

A Personal Reflection — With thousands of fabric choices, Calico Corners crafts looks that reflect your personal sense of style. From relaxed to classic, urban to sophisticated, you’re sure to find what speaks to you. If a sample of the fabric you love is not available for you to take home, you can check out an entire bolt so you’ll know exactly how the fabric and the finished piece will fit in your home.

Design First — How many times have you walked into a big-box store and wondered ‘is this the right color’ or ‘will these dimensions fit my space?’ With the assistance from our talented team and a wide array of sizes and styles to select from, you never have to ask how you’ll make it work because the focus begins and ends with the design. Our team will work side-by-side with you to make sure your selections are the perfect fit.

custom furniture

 Quality before Quantity — At Calico Corners, our furniture is beautiful outside, because it’s solid inside. Our frames are made from choice hardwoods, our foundations systems are the finest available and our luxurious Springdown cushions add the finishing touch to each piece. Comfort and beauty – that is what you will find and design at Calico!

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